Bachelor Party

A recap video is the PERFECT gift for the Bachelor.

$680.00 USD

$85 per person with 8 guys. Pricing will vary based off group size.

The Bachelor Party package is the perfect gift for your buddy, who you’re about to send off forever!  Groups of 4-12 guys love this package due to its affordable price per person and multiple camera option.  It’s great for indoor use, pool parties, water sports, adventure races or just capturing the fun in and out of your hotel room for the duration of your event. 

Recommended For:

  • Bachelor parties anywhere in the world!
  • A unique send-off gift for the Bachelor.
  • Groups of 4-12

What's included in this package?

  • Fully produced bachelor party video with music, motion graphics and more.
  • Two (2) waterproof GoPro Hero5 session cameras w/ 4k and image stabilization technology.
  • Private, secure link to upload additional content from your personal cameras or phones to Madmen Media from anywhere in world!
  • Video length: up to 15 minutes
  • Final video sent electronically for you to download.
  • We'll ship your Madmen package to you to take with you on your journey. Just mail it back w/ your footage when you're done!

We'll ship your cameras to you!

No Payment Upfront

We understand that you're facing an expensive trip. Don't worry, you can book now and pay later. See the FAQ regarding payments below.

Pay by Group

We've partnered up with Pay by Group so you can split the cost among a group of friends...all online for no extra charge!

Call us at 702-420-2121 to speak to a Sales Rep.

Memories That Last

Purchasing a recap video of your trip gives you something that is priceless - memories for a lifetime. This is a video you'll cherish for years to come.

A Priceless Gift

You can't put a price on memories. If you're traveling to celebrate someone's special occasion, a video of the events make for a perfect gift.

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Questions About Payment

You can book now and pay us later!  We require payment in full 7 days prior to your arrival date.  The only time we require payment up front is if you are arriving in less than 7 days.

We have two very simple payment options.  After booking your reservation you’ll receive a confirmation email with payment options.  You can either split the payment with a group using Pay by Group or make a one-time payment with any major debit or credit card.  Remember, you won’t have to make full payment until 7 days prior to your arrival date.

We only charge a deposit if you purchase one of the packages where we loan you one (or more) of our GoPro cameras.  The deposit is $350 and will be refunded to you when you return the camera in good working order.  As you can imagine, a lot of our devices get lost or damaged…it is Las Vegas, after all.

I'm so glad I have a video of my bachelor party to re-watch with my buddies for years to come. My wife will never see this one...ha!
Cain M.
Orlando, FL
Simply said..these guys nailed it! Thank you Madmen Media. Love the video.
Nathan R.
Princeton, NJ