Legal Mumbo Jumbo

We here at Madmen Media take this opportunity to create something unique for you, very seriously. We spend hours and hours viewing the content you’ve captured, editing it down to the best material possible and assembling it in a creative way with music, graphics, transitions and more. We therefore reserve the right to claim the finished product as our legal creative property. Any publishing with the use of our logo, slogan, into / outro, or any other changes made to the video and passed off as his/her own would be in violation of copyright law and subject to penalty. Any person or persons found to have altered the original content without expressed, written consent will be responsible for damages. Madmen Media will not use any of the content captured on its primary website, affiliate sites, Facebook, Instagram, twitter or any other media platform without disclosure and written permission by all parties involved. We appreciate the privacy of our customers and will do everything in our power to make sure your footage is confidential.