Security Deposits

We pride ourselves on providing you with the best product possible. In order to give you an amazing finished product, we use the best recording equipment available to us. On your reservation date, you will be provided with our GoPro Hero 5 camera(s) with 4k recording capabilities and image stabilization. I know right!? That being said, in order for us to ensure you take care of our livelihood, we require a $300 deposit so you’ll look after our equipment as you would if it were your own. After your weekend, once we receive the equipment, spare batteries, chargers and accessories in working order, you will receive a full refund of your deposit within three (3) business days. If anything is missing or damaged you will receive your refund minus the cost to replace the damaged or missing items.

Security deposits are dependent on which package you have chosen to book and whatever add on accessories you ordered. Madmen Media reserves the right to increase the deposit if you will be renting more than one camera / device.